Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video Conferencing

One of my customers needs to implement video conferencing in three of his rooms.  He needs a middle of the road solution and did not provide a whole lot of info in terms of equipment.  He does need to be able to share files though.

My first though is this
VSX 8800 Presenter MP 
Rack mount, easy-to-install, high performance video conferencing system for integrated and custom room environments. Adds People+Content and MultiPoint licenses and ImageShare II collaboration device. 
PC Mall Part #699316  
Mfr. Part #7200-22750-001

But three of these puppies are going to run about 12k each; and then I found this little guy for 3k each:
QDX 6000 
The perfect balance of quality, performance,simplicity and affordability. 
PC Mall Part #7744195  
Mfr. Part #7200-30831-001

It comes with the remote, cables, microphones, camera, and codec and all that's left to look at is the display set up.  Do I go with 52" LCDs or with a projector?  

I also thought about looking into these two possibilities:

I'll take a look at all three solutions and make my recommendations.

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