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Global Knowledge - 7 Technology Predictions for 2012

Seven Technology Predictions for 2012 Randy Muller November 2011 2011 has been a remarkable year, what with the extraordinary weather patterns, more than the usual worldwide political turmoil, and national apprehension over the delicate state of our economy. During times like these, people tend to increase their need to communicate, to give and get information, to reach out to their friends, family, community, and the world. It's all about information flow. As 2012 draws near, my predications for technology are all about communication and the information stream. Technology in 2012 and beyond will significantly shift and enhance the exchange of information for people and for enterprise organizations. 1. Corporations adopt social networking as a primary communication tool. 2. Death of the laptop? 3. The "To the Cloud" movement continues. 4. The need for Virtualization skills will grow exponentially. 5. The days of owning software are numbered. 6. Real bandw

Riviera For Skype

Skype Call Recorder Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder. It automatically records Skype calls and conversations to MP3 files. Very convenient for recording interviews, tech talks, conferences, audio casts, pod casts for learning later, etc. You may get more food for thought from Riviera for Skype home page: Here is a link to download Riviera for Skype : And don't forget to add me to Facebook friends. My Facebook page: Deborah Gill, Senior Public Relations Specialist, Facebook: Jiteco, Inc

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Western Digital and Seagate

Why this will be a problem And if you were thinking of switching to Seagate, here's the road they need to use:

Thailand Floods and Hard Drives And shortages lead to price hikes. "There are occasions of 180 percent price increases as compared to before the flood," said Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates, which tracks the storage industry. Many one terabyte internal drives, for example, are now priced at $120 and up. These would have been $60 to $80 before the flood, Coughlin said. "Prices (before the flood) were as low as 4 cents a gigabyte, now we're seeing 12 cents. That's a 3X increase," he said. Toshiba and Western Digital have announced a temporary shutdown of Thailand factories. Toshiba has reported water is 2 meters deep in its storage device plant and 3 meters deep in its semiconductor factory in Thailand. IHS iSuppli said the flooding could potentially affect notebook production in ea