Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trusted Source

Learned about this site today from this great security company called Secnap.  Check your domains reputation, go there and Enter IP address, domain name or URL to check reputation/traffic patterns.

Secnap offers a whole range of security tools- visit the site for more info or call me at 514-373-8345.  

"Three robust security solutions combine highly advanced technology with surprising cost-effectiveness for the best price-to-value ratio in the industry. 

Email Security: A full range of appliances and hosted solutions, all powered by SpammerTrap® to deliver legitimate email at lightning speed and filter out 100% of spam, viruses and other malware. Feature-loaded with email archiving, encryption, mailbox-based routing, a killer firewall and more. No surprise SC Magazine called it "The King of Spam Filters," or that everyone who tries it buys it. Click here to request your free 30-day trial.

Network Security: Intrusion detection and prevention solutions incorporate our advanced, patent-pending HackerTrap™ technology to protect your organization from external attacks 24/7. Awarded "Best in Intrusion Prevention"by Network Products Guide. Favorite secret weapon of SECNAP clients everywhere.

Security Services: IT security audits, web application and wireless assessments, penetration and vulnerability testing help identify, prioritize and mitigate security gaps. Compliance audits ensure your security position is unassailable with respect to FACTA, FERPA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and ISO standards."

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