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"  IPOS directly benefited from Deflect’s expertise and professionalism when our main website was subject to an unprecedented attack. At the time the services of similar companies including CloudFlare and Google PageSpeed failed to protect IPOS’ election tracking poll against a major DDOS attack during the 2013 presidential elections in Iran. However, Deflect were able to quickly setup a CDN front and accept traffic from IPOS’ main domain and fight back against the attack. Thank you Deflect. - Ali Reza, Director at IPOS Solutions"

What Is a DDoS Attack?

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" Ce dialogue pan-canadien qui se tiendra en ligne les 23 et le 24 octobre est organis√© par eQualitie et la Fondation SecDev.    Le processus fait partie d’un effort mondial couvrant plus de 70 pays. "

 " Baskerville is a machine operating on the  Deflect  network that protects  sites from hounding, malicious bots. It’s also an  open source project  that, in time, will be able to reduce bad behaviour on your networks too."