Saturday, August 27, 2011


JCopia 4.7

Have you ever thought how to download video and audio from flash players on internet sites like Youtube, Google Video, MySpace, DailyMotion, Metacafe, Break, Blog sites of your friends with embedded audio and video content and so on?

So, JCopia does it all. It captures flash video / audio / stream from any website to your computer as files. Just play your media online and watch as JCopia saves any clip / music / movie to your computer.

JCopia detects and begins to download any clip, video, music, radio stream, video stream, Flash game or presentation that is played in your browser. Increase your video and audio collection with JCopia now!
It is a very convenient tool for collections video and audio files on disk.

Here is the link: Capture flash video and audio from any website to your computer

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Demos On Demand

this is a cool site where you can go to learn about products and services. If you're in sales it's a great tool to learn about different solutions, different vendors teaching you about their products.  And if you're an IT professional is a great tool to learn more about different mobility solutions, messaging solutions, storage solutions, networking and security solutions, etc.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


wow.  This Dragon software is amazing of using it to control some of the features on the computer such as my outlet.  My Microsoft word.  My Internet explorer, my Google chrome. I tell it to go to Outlook.  It goes to Outlook.  I tell it new message it starts a new message.  I would tell it to the recipient is and it finds it in my address and populates the to field.  This is going to be a whole lot of fun!!!

Dragon Medical 10

Dragon medical is a powerful tool for those who type slowly. It's also a powerful tool for those whose hands are not free to type such as medical professionals; doctors nurses caregivers. My suggestion for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and VNAs, is a motion computing tablet coupled with a copy of Dragon medical.

Currently there are a lot of tablet computers at a marketplace: Apple iPad, HP touchpad, HP slate, Acer iconia, Cisco Cius, Dell Streak, Motorola xoom, Lenovo ThinkPad, Samsung galaxy tab, Toshiba thrive, Blackberry playbook, HTC Evo View, T-mobile slate, ASUS EEE pad, HTC flyer, Vizio via, ViewSonic viewpad, velocity micro cruz, Coby Kryos, Archos 70, archos 101, Maylong universe, ViewSonic G, Sony dash, Entourage edge, Arnova 10, Nextbook Next3, Sony S1, Sony S2, Arnova 8, MSI windpad, Sylvania 10, Curtis L t7028, gigabyte S1080, AOC breeze, Augen gentouch, creative ziio, Pandigital, Elocity A7, Huawei mediapad, Lenovo ideapad, fusion garage joojoo, Motion Computing, and the Apple ipad2.

At the moment the only pad that will work with Dragon medical 10 is a pad that runs on a Windows platform. HP makes the slate which runs on Windows platform but the processing power of the slate is inadequate to the task of running Dragon medical 10 because the slate currently runs on QUALCOMM snapdragon APQ8060 1.2 GHz processor.

The minimum specifications for Dragon medical 10 is an Intel Pentium 4 or later or AMD Athlon 64 or later. The faster the processor the faster the performance. You need at least 512 MB RAM; one gig of RAM for Windows Vista, and at least two gigs RAM for Windows 7 32 -- bit and 64 -- bit. The RAM on the slate is 1 GB.  HP will be coming out with a new slate and if they can boost RAM capabilities then it will be a nice machine to use with Dragon medical 10, especially if they can keep the costs down.

Motion computing has a couple different products that can be used with Dragon medical; the CL 900 tablet, J3500 tablet, C5v tablet, and the F5V tablet. Would be prepared to spend more for these devices than you would for the devices listed earlier. If you're prepared to wait until some of the other tablet manufacturers catch up then do so, but if you're not, and you want to simplify your notetaking and dictation, especially in a medical environment buy a Motion Computing tablet and Dragon medical to test.