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Why the Drobo B1200i?   1. Tier 2 and Tier 3 VMs – Deploying new apps is fast with virtualization, to the point where sprawl occurs and the Tier 1 SAN needs expanding, time to offload the main SAN of lower-tier VMs and backing up with Veeam 2. Rich-media storage – Individual video, audio, and graphic files from Marketing and other departments add up very quickly, but don’t have the same criticality as databases 3. Expanding file servers – Rich media can fill these up, but so can the usual business files and applications, the same front end can manage lower-cost back-end storage for less critical data 4. Online archiving – HSM of the past called for archiving on low-cost tape, where disk today can be as cost effective at high capacities and enable online access without mounting media 5. Test & Development – Very important to stage & test, but almost impossible to have an exact replica environment; with virtualization the inf