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Who are these guys?  

Fusio I/O

HP Data Sheet - Reliability Paper - The Difference between Fusion-io and SSDs – Case Study video - Link to 50+ Customer Case Studys -  

EMC Storage

The storage wars continue.  With the explosion of data, gotta expect it.  


The most cost effective storage solution for SMB The B800i is good, but the B1200i...if you have a small operation with less than 40TB of data, and you need to virtualize...use this box!  

New Technology from Sony

This looks like it can have a few fun applications  

PCM AAA Updates - autoCAD, Adobe, Apple

A couple of quick updates. AutoCAD – PCM is now fully authorized to sell and support all versions of autoCAD.   Adobe – Adobe has changed the upgrade process for Creative Suite (CS) licenses.  They have eliminated upgrades, leaving two paths to the latest and greatest: purchasing the latest perpetual license; or moving to the Creative Cloud ( ).  I will send an invite to the Creative Cloud in case you wish to take advantage.     Apple –  If you plan on deploying iPads, we can provide the units, create custom apps, image the units, add mobile device management, and help secure the units. 

QNX and Bentley


VMWare Demos

Everything you never wanted to know about VMWare and never thought to ask.  

Deploying iPads

If your company needs to deploy Apple iPads and needs a little help, we have a great service called the Be Mobile Jump Start Kit. 50 iPads (iPad 2 16GB WiFi with AppleCare+) AirWatch MDM (12 month license) with Secure content locker Company Directory App On-Site Deployment services (consulting and integration assistance) plus of course, with our partner Griffin Technology, cases, mounts, docks and other related accessories. Custom App development available as well  

Fusion I/O

The future of storage explained  

Revel Systems

I'm not sure why but I am fascinated with POS Systems...this is one of the more creative uses of an iPad  

Lenovo Table PC

Soon enough with WiFi, Dragon, and gesture controls like the Microsoft Kinect, you'll have machines like these all over the house completely interconnected that you will be able to interface with...Star Trek rules!!!

BB 10

Blackberry 10 - come on RIM!  THis better be a winner  


Imprivata - Health Care Security