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When I use SECNAP Network Security for Managed IPS:   I get 24x7 network monitoring. I get Industry certified and professional Security Engineers. I get a SOC – a Secure Operations Center with full back-up and redundancies for non-stop round-the-clock operations. I have one easy to budget annual subscription fee that includes implementation of a properly sized and tuned appliance, on-going 24x7 network monitoring and real time updates. I get patent-pending technologies designed to maximize my staff, the appliances and immediate response time to real alerts and threats. I get scalability – solutions tailored to my company’s size today which can grow with our company as its requirements expand down the road. I can virtually eliminate DoS attacks, worms, Trojans, virus outbreaks and spyware because SECNAP feeds thousands of known and unknown signatures to its appliance constantly from its powerful forensic database that’s connected and acquiring in real time, data

Join HP's Purchase Edge

If you buy HP printer supplies then you need to be a part of this. To Whom It May Concern, I would like to invite you to join PurchasEdge, a rewards program from HP. Here's how it works: You buy the same HP supplies you normally do, like HP LaserJet and inkjet print cartridges. Then I submit your invoices for you. You receive one PurchasEdge point for every $4 USD* you spend. Your points can be redeemed for free HP printers, scanners, PDAs and more. It's a great way to stretch your company dollar. To enroll in PurchasEdge today, click the link below:  If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 800-555-6255 x8345. Best regards, *Canadian-dollar equivalent changes; see posted quarterly exchange rate at .  Regards,   Garfield Jones | IT Solutions & Services Specialist PC Mall Sales, Inc 514-373-8345 800-555-6255 x8345  

IT Solutions and Services

I am your PC Mall Technology Solutions and Services Specialist.  I look forward to demonstrating our capabilities in helping you to achieve your infrastructure goals through the various projects you have initiated for virtualization, storage, networking, etc.  PC Mall is publicly traded corporation (NASDAQ MALL) and has been in business for 22 years (1987) and has impressive relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry: ·          Number 1 Apple reseller ·          Tier 1 Partner with HP ·          Cisco Gold certified Partner ·          Microsoft LAR ·          Dell Tier 1 Partner ·          VMWare Professional Enterprise and Premier VIP Partners ·          Honeywell Partners The attachment above titled ‘PC Mall Overview’ provides a complete list of our main vendor partners.  Also attached is a document outlining our service capabilities either through our warehouse labs where we can image machines and/or asset tag them before shipping

PC Mall Double Take Deals

New PC Mall Deals for the week of April 13th-20th, 2009.   call 800-555-6255 x8345

Blackberry Professional Software

BlackBerry Professional Software is for small and medium-sized businesses with: • Less than 30 mobile professionals, and • A Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® email server Features and Benefits of BlackBerry Professional Software • Best-in-class BlackBerry performance • BlackBerry Professional Software is based on the same BlackBerry software used by enterprises – tried and proven technology that governments and large organizations worldwide rely on – but with the features and usability that are required by small and medium businesses. • BlackBerry Professional Software delivers the advanced security and administration features small and medium businesses demand, at a price that’s right for them. • Easy installation and management • BlackBerry Professional Software can be installed on the existing email server so there’s no need for additional server hardware. A set-up wizard and quick links make the installation process simple. • Management of BlackBerry Professional Software

PC Mall now does Autocad!

Your Account Executive is Garfield Jones Take Design Further with the New AutoCAD 2010 - Design and shape the world around you with the powerful, flexible features found in AutoCAD® software, one of the world's leading 2D and 3D design software. Help speed documentation, share ideas seamlessly, and explore ideas more intuitively in 3D. With thousands of available add-ons, AutoCAD provides the ultimate in flexibility, customizable for your specific needs. It's time to take design further. It's time for AutoCAD. Buy AutoCAD 2010 and get an HP workstation Free or at significant discount! PROMO GOOD UNTIL May 31, 2009. AutoCAD 2010 Commercial + HP XW6600 X/2.33 4GB From 3/1/09 - 7/31/09, get a richly-configured xw4600 Workstation and an LP2275w Flat Panel Monitor - together for the price of just the workstation! Sku #7776527 Price $3,899.99 AutoCAD 2010 Commercial Plus HP XW4600 C2Q/2.5 4GB - Bundle Design and shape the world around

Top 5 Virtualization Skills Enterprises Want Now

"Top 5 Virtualization Skills Enterprises Want Now It's a mixed blessing that you can deploy virtualization quickly: If your team lacks experience and knowledge, speed can kill, impacting security and application performance, just for starters. No wonder virtualization skills remain hot even in this cool IT jobs market. Here's a look at the five most wanted virtualization skills. By Kevin Fogarty THU, APRIL 02, 2009  —  CIO  — It's hard, in an economy that finds bottom and then wallows there, to say that a particular set of IT skills is in extremely high demand. Recruiters acknowledge that amide layoffs and slashed IT budgets skill areas designated "hot" may only be "less cold than others." Skills in  virtualization —which is both a hot new technology and one that can save enterprises lots of money in data-center costs—seem to have overcome that faint praise, however, and become genuinely hot. "If you look at what demand is out there and the c

Create Your PC Mall Account

So I've successfully negotiated to have a special site created with absolutely killer pricing for any technology needs you might have. Please follow the simple steps below; 1.        From your Internet Browser, go to the following link: · 2.        This will bring up the PC Mall Corporate Access Pages Login Page 3.        In the User Name field, please enter gaj and in the Password field, enter employee 4.        Please DO NOT check / click on the Remember Me box at this stage 1.        You should now see a page, which has “Create Your EPP Account for GAJ VENTURES”. Below is the form that you need to complete to create your EPP Account. 2.        Complete the form, remembering to give yourself a User Name and Password that you will be able to remember in the future. Note that fields labeled with red characters are required. 3.        Please remember to check the box after the User Name and Password fields to confirm that y

Alpha Inventions

Checking out this AlphaInventions site, very cool but more of a marketing thing than an IT thing

Fiddle Widdle

Free HP Mouse for April 2009

So check this one out This mouse usually costs $20 but there is a $20 mail in rebate -- max 5 rebates per billing address but you can buy as many as you need (just no rebates for the 6th one on) -- which means it would essentially be free (taxes, shipping) .  This promo is running all the way until April 30th, 2009.   The primary aim of this is to attract new customers but I'm throwing it out there to all my customers. On top of all this they are giving me a prize if I can give away enough of these. 2-Button Laser Mouse There’s also similar deals in place for desktop security locks, dual monitor/desktop stands, RAM and connectivity kits.   Regards, Garfield Jones | IT Solutions & Services Specialist PC Mall Sales, Inc Tel: 800-555-6255 X8345 Direct: 514-373-8345 Fax: 310-630-5705 IM: