Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hewlett Packard - HP

HP sells more in the business IT space than anyone else by far.  They have a great website but sometimes it's just hard to find exactly what you need.  Here are a few of my favorites that I use at work:

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HP’S PRODUCT BULLETIN (Online) - Use to look up systems, networking and accessories

HP’S FAST ATTACH - Use to look up system accessories 

HP’S NoteBook Finder - Use to look notebook systems

HP’s SUPPLIES FINDER (Ink, Toner, Paper and Storage Tapes) -  used to look up all printer and storage supplies.

HP’s CARE PACK SERVICES (warranty/services) -  Use to look up HP warranties by mfg#

HP’s PARTS STORE (spare parts) -  Use to look up HP spare, discontinued accessories by mfg#, model, or product #

HP’s MAIL IN FORMS (End user Mail In Rebates) -  Use to look up current mail in rebates 

HP’s ENHANCED TRADE-IN PROMOTIONS (End user trade-in programs) -  Use to look up current trade in programs all HP products

HP’s SUPPLIES RECYCLING (free recycling) -  Use to look up details on free prepaid supplies recycling

HP’s HARDWARE RECYCLING SERVICES (recycling fees applicable) -  Use to look up details on hardware recycling 

HP’s BUSINESS CENTER (All HP Products) -  Use to look up details on hardware software and drivers by Model#, Self Repair, FAQ, Diagnostics

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