Thursday, February 12, 2009

IT Info Guy

Day one of the IT Info Guy  

I'm starting this particular blog because of my current job working at PC Mall  I have access to a lot of resources to help people who are now what I used to be and also help the more advanced IT Professional.  

What I intend to do is use this blog just to discuss things out there that I think are cool and also to keep a pulse of the going ons in th etechnology world.  Things like virtualization, usb3.0, w3, HIPAA, Microsoft EA's, etc, etc, etc.  

I hope to demystify for myself some of the trepidation I feel whenever a great new technology comes around and I suddenly need to be an expert in it.

I'll be linking to the forum quite often as I hope it is where IT Professionals will gather and discuss technology, old, current, and emerging.  I will also be linking to a site currently being built IT White Paper where I hope company representatives and individuals will load up their current whitepapers on the technologies they produce or study.  

I figure the first couple things I will touch on are virtualization- what is it?  and of course Windows's coming, will it really be worth it?

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