Monday, February 16, 2009

Video Conferencing Set up

I had a few questions for this client:

  • is customer looking for to get a desktop based video conferencing solution or LCD TV type of set up?
  • let me know how many people they will have in each conf room, if they have TVs with RCA/HD15 ports? 
  • how many sites they will need to conference in at the same time?
  • how will they connect between those sites for video conferencing? 
  • type of WAN connections, T1s, dual T1s, ethernet, etc.  
  • do they have a budget?

Which he responded to:

  • Conference room, not desktop.  Would be very nice to have the ability to have a desktop user or 2 if needed.
  • No real number of people per site, but I’d imagine no more than 5.
  • They currently have 1 projector.
  • 3 sites linked via T1 (frame relay)  Looking at upgrade to MPLS 2 bonded T’s at 2 of the sites and a single T at the 3rd.
  • No budget, getting idea of money needed.

So it was decided that the Polycom would be their best option:

they will need VGA or S-video input on the TVs/projectors 

  • QDX6000 bundles for 2 sites: PC Mall Part #7744195 Mfr. Part #7200-30831-001 q.2
QDX 6000 
The perfect balance of quality, performance,simplicity and affordability. 
PC Mall Part #7744195  
Mfr. Part #7200-30831-001

  • installation: 7744289 ON SITE INSTALL QDX 6000 q.2
  • warranty 1y: 7744290 PREMIER 1YR QDX 6000-VIA SCHEDULED PHON q.2

  • and for one site we need HDX with 4 port MCU to accommodate for connectivity between the other two sites:
PC Mall Part #7383238 Mfr. Part #7200-27690-001 q.1
PC Mall Part #7383238  
Mfr. Part #7200-27690-001

  • installation: 7381115 ON SITE INSTALL HDX 7000-SERIES q.1
  • warranty 1y: 7381116 PREMIER 1YR HDX 7000-SERIES q.1
  • for desktop solution:
PC Mall Part #706793 Mfr. Part #5230-23038-001 q.1

things to note: 
there is a limitation of 4 sites per conference, with 4 port MCU that comes with HDX 7001

  • plus a few screens

PNS525 52IN LCD 1920X1080-3YR WTY DIGTL 
PNS525 52IN LCD 1920X1080-3YR WTY DIGTL 
PC Mall Part #7673898  
Mfr. Part #PNS525

Other Options

Of course every laptop nowadays comes with a built in microphone, speaker, and camera.  5 laptops per location plus Acrobat Connect and 3 TVs gets you there as well.

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