Wednesday, March 4, 2009

St. Bernard's iPrism

Think all Web Filters are alike? Think again.  iPrism delivers Value, Simplicity, and Performance…

iPrism surpasses competitors with Anonymizer blocking, Antivirus at the gateway, robust on-box reporting and high throughput capacity.  Employees can easily by-pass other filters without being detected and let dangerous viruses into a network. 

Why iPrism for Web Content Filtering when money is tight…

·         Increase employee productivity with iPrism for Web content filtering – Turn on the filters, turn up the productivity!

·         Secure networks from internet based threats – Spyware, Phishing, and malware - that can cost thousands to repair & in downtime

·         Block streaming audio and video that takes up precious bandwidth, slows down the network, and distracts employees from work

·         Reduce corporate liability by blocking illegal downloads, inappropriate content, and executable files that can distract employees and install malware that can damage the network

·         Make sure employees are actually filtered – iPrism employs an unparalleled multi-layered approach that combines URL classification, deep packet inspection and unique proxy blocking to deliver the most effective anonymizer protection on the market

·         iPrism helps save today and tomorrow as it protects companies from unforeseen expenses


Get your free iPrism Switch Kit today!

Ø  FREE onsite evaluation that can be deployed without any client or network changes

Ø  FREE enhanced technical support for setting up matching policies, reports & alerts based on your current settings

Ø  INCENTIVE PRICING just for watching a live demo


More reasons why iPrism is the best solution…

·         It is a plug-and-play appliance that can filter content by Category, URL or file type with an easy to navigate interface & real-time drill down reporting

·          No additional hardware or software to purchase, install, manage, or maintain which lowers total cost of ownership

·         Two-layers of AV protection including real-time scanning which provides virus and spyware protection at the perimeter

·          Flexible enforcement options to monitor or block by day, time, user, user groups, IP address and web categories that optimize network performance and reduce corporate liability

·          Supplies the ability for managers to quickly override pre-determined blocked sites (such as shopping) for temporary access

·          Helps meet compliance regulations and acceptable internet usage policies

·         Delivers Proxy and Anonymizer blocking - iPrism Web Filter employs an unparalleled  multi-layered approach

·         SafeSearch – blocks thumbnail images, ideal for schools and libraries while reducing corporate liability

·          Provides 100% human reviewed iGuard URL database which limits false positive results

·         Integrates with LDAP and Active Directory for detailed reporting down to the user name level

·         Includes Delegated Administration

·         Allows for filtering of remote workers

·          Optimizes network performance by limiting access to high bandwidth sites such as You-Tube and others offering streaming video & downloadable MP3 files

·         Easy to use with the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) on the market

Click here for a brief iPrism overview:

iPrism Models - Side-by-side comparison:


iPrism WebEx Demo Schedule: which day works for you?

Monday             1:00 PST

Tuesday            11:00 PST

Wednesday       10am PST        

Thursday           9 am PST

Friday                9 am PST


Thanks for taking the time to learn how iPrism can help you save & protect your network.

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