Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iLugger and Vizioncore

THe two things I learned a little about today:

1) A lot of people are buying Imacs because the price point is lower than the Macbook or Macbook Pro.  They are then buying a case from someone like iLugger www.ilugger.com.
This way they can still have portability without adding the extra cost of a laptop.  

2) VRanger Pro for backing up virtual machines is a great little add-on tool for VMWare that one of my customers loves 

Vizioncore's vRanger Pro is the leading, industry-standard backup and recovery solution for virtualized environments on the market today. vRanger Pro provides image-level hot backups—of either the entire virtual machine or just the differential—quickly and easily. Supporting VMware ESX and ESXi servers, vRanger Pro offers full VMware Virtual Center integration, is VMotion aware, and integrates with VCB. A VSS driver supports transactionally consistent backups and VSS support is included for VCB backups as well. A P2V-DR plug in allows you to extend the benefits of virtualized backup and restore capabilities to your physical servers.

They also have the vReplicator
Vizioncore's vReplicator supports disaster recovery strategies with affordable replication of virtual servers. The entire virtual machine, including configuration settings, patches to the OS, the application itself as well as the data and all other OS-level changes. vReplicator allows for selective replication of critical virtual machines, eliminating the maintenance, network traffic and hardware expense of replicating the entire LUN or SAN. vReplicator can duplicate from several hosts to one host and can replicate to hardware platforms that are dissimilar from the source.

vFoglight is the only virtualization monitoring solution that understands the relationships and interactions between all the components in the virtual infrastructure, helping administrators detect, diagnose and resolve incidents and problems, ensure performance, and perform capacity planning and chargeback. vFoglight is offered in two editions - vFoglight Standard (SE) and vFoglight Pro. vFoglight SE is designed to help organizations monitor the performance of their virtual infrastructures. vFoglight Pro includes all the features of vFoglight SE and adds advanced capabilities for Chargeback, Physical Operating System (OS) Monitoring, Third-Party Integration and more.


vOptimizer Pro is the only solution for VMware ESX Server infrastructures that reclaims storage from across the virtual infrastructure to help increase storage utilization, reduce storage costs and improve VM performance.

According to industry analysts, as much as 90% of storage in virtual infrastructure is unused because of over allocations at the initial point of provisioning. With widespread adoption of virtualization, organizations are often faced with buying more [unused] storage to support their growing environments. Accepting low utilization rates adds significant cost that can quickly diminish the savings derived from virtualization initiatives. Therefore, saving money without sacrificing peak performance presents a key challenge.

source: http://www.vizioncore.com/products/vOptimizerPro/

and vConverter
 vConverter is Vizioncore's P2V/V2V conversion solution that significantly reduces the time and effort spent converting servers to the VMware, Microsoft or Virtual Iron platforms. vConverter enables fast, easy and reliable conversions without disrupting the source physical system during the conversion process. There is no need to reboot, no need to visit machines being converted and no software to install on the source, which means virtually no downtime, thus significantly reducing the time and cost of the conversion process.

source:  http://www.vizioncore.com/products/vConverter/

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