Thursday, March 12, 2009

Network Security

What if I were to ask you just how safe your network is?  You'd probably tell me you have firewalls, HIPS, all kinds of AV, spamblockers'd probably tell me it's pretty safe.  

Now what if I told you that I could arrange for a company to try to hack into your system for free in order to expose any weakness in your security profile?  I made that offer to a few people today and they turned it down, they felt that they had done all that needed to be done to be safe.  

They felt that because they are monitoring from the inside that the system is ironclad and foolproof.  While that may be true, why not have a company test it from the outside.  You never truly know how safe your home is until a criminal wants to break in and tries to break in.  

If your company has 150 or more computer users, let's get the test arranged.  Right now I can get it set up for free but that promotion may not last forever.  

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