Monday, November 1, 2010

Turn Page

I just started doing some freelance work with

We work with companies just likes yours from all over the world and we have developed a program that specifically helps Publishers increase revenue, increase readership and decrease costs.

We do this by taking the PDF files that you send to the printer and convert them to a Flash based format so now your readers can flip through the publication on their computer as if they were flipping through the printed copy in front of them.  Once we have done this we can add audio, video, hyperlinks etc… we have a stats tool that tracks each page that has been flipped, how much time spent on each page, each link that has been clicked, how many times it has been clicked and so on.  We include all of this in our price.

Would you be interested in seeing how your PDF file would look using our software at no charge?  Send me,, an 8-10 page PDF that I will do a demo conversion for.  If you like what we do, we can then discuss the entire publication.

Something else we can do: 
Turn-Page Mobile app developed for the iPhone and iPad. Get your publications on the fastest growing mobile platform.

Demo publications - Canadian World Traveler - Premium Incentive Products - Pool And Billiard Magazine

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