Thursday, November 11, 2010

Managed Print Services (MPS)

Often when we first start working with businesses and organizations, we commonly find that having a total understanding of all the costs they are spending on managing their print environment is a complete mystery. As a result, it becomes difficult to identify, contain, and control an expense that is usually 3-5% of an organizations total annual budget.

I’d like to share a couple of ideas with you based on our experiences of successfully matching businesses to the different Managed Print Services options we have. These would be within our portfolio of the industry’s leading print management programs. I’d also like to see if it makes sense for us to have a conversation around your organization’s goals and objectives. In that conversation, I think you will find several interesting subjects around how some of the below benefits of a MPS Program can help achieve these future goals and objectives.

Real world reasons to consider implementing a Managed Print Services program for your business:
·        Reduce service costs by avoiding high costs of per-call service
·        Standardize printer devices, drivers, and cartridges
·        Consolidate vendors and contracts
·        Simplify business processes around procurement and accounts payable
·        Allow proactive management of predictable printing budgets
·        Optimize printer performance and extend life=ROI
·        Take a “Greener” eco-friendly approach to printing with reduced electrical bills
·        Improve print fleet efficiency by directing print jobs to more cost effective devices
·        Free up money tied up in supply inventory with “just-in-time” toner replenishment
·        Eliminate calls to your Help Desk and allow IT to focus on core initiatives
·        Free up capital for core investments and improve cash flow

The last point in red is a one of the biggest reasons I find myself working with other businesses and organizations. Once we are able to gain an understanding of where all the costs really are, we are typically finding up to a 30% cost savings in a properly managed print environment. By being able to recoup some of the dollars being spent within their organizations, they are able to invest those savings in areas of their business tied directly to achieving their goals and objectives.  

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