Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Effectively Reduce Overall Backup Time Windows In Virtual Environments with Vizioncore Best Practices Document

New whitepaper presents six ways to decrease backup time window requirements to save time, reduce risk and ensure reliability

Hoffman Estates, IL, July 28, 2009
– Companies adopting server virtualization are leveraging the advancements in the technology by placing more robust applications as well as greater amounts of data and workloads on virtualization platforms. Yet many organizations that implement virtual environments do not anticipate the impact that virtualization can have on current backup processes and windows.

Vizioncore, the market leader in server virtualization management, shares how to improve backup throughput in its new whitepaper: Six Ways to Reduce Your Overall Backup Window, available at

Many virtualization adopters find that, as their deployments mature, greater numbers of virtual machines coupled with growing use of virtual platforms to support production systems engender greater demands on the backup process. Not only do more – and larger -- VMs need to be backed up, but they must also be done more frequently to ensure new data is adequately protected. However the backup window at many organizations is typically fixed and cannot be expanded to accommodate these requirements. Organizations must now find ways to speedily but reliably back-up more VMs through the limited time that is available.

Focused on six ways to reduce backup window requirements to meet this challenge, the Vizioncore whitepaper outlines how organizations can keep-up with advancements of virtual environments by providing the options and features needed to protect large-scale, business-critical systems:

  1. Backup Multiple VMs Simultaneously: Using a resource manager within the backup solution helps administrators discover all available virtual servers for simultaneous backup, which leads to faster execution and better resource-utilization.
  2. Allow Multiple Recoveries from a Single Backup: A time-efficient approach, administrators can utilize multiple recovery options and back-up VMs only once in a way that enables both file-level and image-level recovery while cutting down on processing time, network bandwidth and storage needs.
  3. Rely On Incremental Backups: Incremental backups perform a block-by-block scan, and they only backup files, data and VM settings that have changed since the last backup, regardless of type, which allows administrators to select the best option to reduce redundancies and cut down on storage needs.
  4. Go Direct to Target: By eliminating the step of backing-up VMs through a proxy server, direct-to-target solutions reduce backup time and network traffic while providing added flexibility and scalability.
  5. Reduce Backup Sizes: Data de-duplication, file compression and other reduction techniques, such as eliminating white space and deleting data, are good options for reducing the size of backup files.
  6. Use Flexible Tools for the Job: Using solutions offering a variety of enterprise-grade automation, scheduling and reporting features with 64-bit processing provides the scalability needed to backup large environments.

To download Vizioncore’s whitepaper, Six Ways to Reduce Your Overall Backup Window, please visit

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