Thursday, July 23, 2009

Apple iTablet

I'm not the biggest Apple PC fan, even though Jaymie keeps telling me that MAC is sooo much better than PC , but I hate to admit it, what a beautiful looking piece of equipment! If all the rumors are true this is the new iTablet and if all the rumors are true I should be selling a ton of these in 2010.

For someone who knows more about this, check this link out:

"Look, we already know a lot about the so-called Apple Tablet. We know the project is real and a lot of man power has been dedicated to the project. A China Times article might have answered a few of our questions though. That is, if the translated article can be trusted.

The Chinese trade publication is stating that Apple is working on a large screen touchscreen device; we knew that. What we didn’t know was when this device was coming out, but the Chinese supply chain companies are stating October. That’s also when the unibody Macbooks where introduced last year, btw."

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