Tuesday, April 21, 2009


When I use SECNAP Network Security for Managed IPS: 

  • I get 24x7 network monitoring.
  • I get Industry certified and professional Security Engineers.
  • I get a SOC – a Secure Operations Center with full back-up and redundancies for non-stop round-the-clock operations.
  • I have one easy to budget annual subscription fee that includes implementation of a properly sized and tuned appliance, on-going 24x7 network monitoring and real time updates.
  • I get patent-pending technologies designed to maximize my staff, the appliances and immediate response time to real alerts and threats.
  • I get scalability – solutions tailored to my company’s size today which can grow with our company as its requirements expand down the road.
  • I can virtually eliminate DoS attacks, worms, Trojans, virus outbreaks and spyware because SECNAP feeds thousands of known and unknown signatures to its appliance constantly from its powerful forensic database that’s connected and acquiring in real time, data from thousands of probes spread across the Internet in over 50 countries - Edge Attack Sensor Network.
  • I’m assured that proactive action will be taken to deflect potentially damaging and inappropriate access to the network, systems, services applications or data in my company.
  • IPS Service from SECNAP can provide on-going monthly vulnerability assessments for an additional fee.  This service can provide on-going monitoring of our security posture and show us how to address/fix any weaknesses that are detected.
  • Many customers rely on SECNAP because of their ability to provide rigorous processes for incident detection and response, more thorough, objective and comprehensive technically sophisticated assessments than their organizations can provide with internal resources only.
  • As a customer of SECNAP, I will be assured of access to the latest technological advances and security expertise available.
  • I will have the peace of mind knowing that SECNAP maintains processes and procedures to manage threats and incidents effectively and quickly.
  • I know SECNAP can provide you a layered defense; Prevention – keeps intrusions out of our network, Detection – identification of intrusions as they’re occurring, Response – takes action to defend against the threat as its occurring.

In summary:

Many companies have proven distinct cost benefits in outsourcing managed security services which they’ve weighed against current networking, management, monitoring and connectivity expenditures. 

Cost benefits are realized because SECNAP can provide economies of scale, deployment and implementation, support and expertise in an on-going 24x7 environment. 

These cost benefits are typically realized through: 

  • Lower implementation and infrastructure costs overall
  • Lower staffing and training costs
  • Lower costs for 24x7 security and network monitoring and support
  • Lower costs due to enhanced state of the art security coverage
  • Pay as you go scalability.

I have included the information on our web application risk assessments and scope of work document as well.  All of the attachments can be forwarded to your customer.  If you need assistance with anything, please give me a call or reply via email.

SECNAP Network Security Corporation  www.secnap.com

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