Monday, April 13, 2009

Blackberry Professional Software

BlackBerry Professional Software is for small
and medium-sized businesses with:
• Less than 30 mobile professionals, and
• A Microsoft® Exchange or IBM® Lotus® Domino® email server
Features and Benefits of BlackBerry Professional Software
• Best-in-class BlackBerry performance
• BlackBerry Professional Software is based on the same BlackBerry software used by enterprises – tried and proven
technology that governments and large organizations worldwide rely on – but with the features and usability that are
required by small and medium businesses.
• BlackBerry Professional Software delivers the advanced security and administration features small and medium
businesses demand, at a price that’s right for them.
• Easy installation and management
• BlackBerry Professional Software can be installed on the existing email server so there’s no need for additional server
hardware. A set-up wizard and quick links make the installation process simple.
• Management of BlackBerry Professional Software has been designed to be logical, intuitive and straightforward,
so IT staff can take care of it with minimal effort.
• BlackBerry Professional Software comes with one free technical support incident in case customers need assistance
as they install and begin using the software.
• Security and control gives peace of mind
• BlackBerry Professional Software provides organizations with hands-on control over their BlackBerry smartphones:
• Browser use - Disable the browser, or prevent access to certain sites
• Phone - Limit long-distance calling to certain employees or certain numbers
• Data back-ups - Enforce back-ups of data at intervals defined by you
• Information over the network stays protected and confidential with the same BlackBerry security that corporations
and governments rely on – minus the complexity.


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