Wednesday, December 26, 2012



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LG’s latest projector system is powered by freaking lasers

Until now, all consumer front projector systems produced light using lamps or in rare cases LEDs. The new LG HECTO FP system, on the other hand, uses lasers for illumination instead. Yes, lasers.

As LG announced on Wednesday, the new projector system uses lasers and a Texas Instruments DLP chip to form images. Typical home front projectors require around a 9 to 12 foot distance from the lens to a 100-inch screen. The LG HECTO requires only a 22-inch throw to fill the screen and can be placed on the floor or the mounted to the ceiling.

The LG HECTO Laser Projection TV will be sold as a complete system with a 100-Inch diagonal screen, a built-in ATSC TV tuner, HDMI switching and a Wi-Fi connection for streaming video.


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