Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Global Knowledge - 7 Technology Predictions for 2012

Seven Technology Predictions for 2012

Randy Muller

November 2011
2011 has been a remarkable year, what with the extraordinary weather patterns, more than the usual worldwide political turmoil, and national apprehension over the delicate state of our economy. During times like these, people tend to increase their need to communicate, to give and get information, to reach out to their friends, family, community, and the world. It's all about information flow. As 2012 draws near, my predications for technology are all about communication and the information stream. Technology in 2012 and beyond will significantly shift and enhance the exchange of information for people and for enterprise organizations.

1. Corporations adopt social networking as a primary communication tool.

2. Death of the laptop?

3. The "To the Cloud" movement continues.

4. The need for Virtualization skills will grow exponentially.

5. The days of owning software are numbered.

6. Real bandwidth to the household.

7. The rise of streaming media.

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