Friday, July 29, 2011

Dylan to RIM Blackberry

To Research In Motion Corporation,

My name is Dylan Pattyn. I am a 26 year old resident of Montreal and a 7 year BlackBerry user.

I have been a loyal and substantially devoted client for a long time. I am however at this point moving on. Unfortunately this last year has been an extremely horrific one for myself personally as I've had to bring my Curve 3G in for repairs several times, had to deal with TELUS (which is by far no treat) and a host of other unfortunate incidents with your last two OS systems that have sent me to the crackberry forums more often than ever before.

I don't know why you did what you did. Perhaps you rushed certain products out? Maybe you tried to compete with brands who have no business in your market? I can't answer for you. It doesn't matter to me personally as I have no personal stake in your organization. Nor do I possess any insight into the corporate culture of RIM. What I do know is that I'm done. It's been heartbreaking for me to say the least.

I will always recall with fondness; the sidewheel, ball and eventually trackpad evolution as it's been fun. Before the past year or so your devices have always proven to be secure, durable and well designed. The individuals I have worked with on a professional level (I resell BES licensing as part of my career) have been fantastic and always reinforced my devotion, especially when the iPhone, Droid or Windows phones came along. And of course you're Canadian which makes this letter even harder to write as your organization has been a feather in our national cap for quite some time.

In any event. I hope whatever you folks decide to do with the company works out best for everyone. Whether you become a subsidiary of Microsoft, a platform enhancement for Apple or a division of Nokia or Sony. I wish you all the best. My days of supporting and evangelizing your product against the competition are over.

Dylan Pattyn
514 567 7510

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