Friday, January 28, 2011

Free at Last...thanks to Jabra!

I despise headsets, or at least used to.  I always found the quality of the conversation not quite the same as with a handheld- static, echos, noise pollution, etc- yet on the other hand, they were always convenient.

Now Jabra has a product which seems to solve issues of quality and adds the additional benefit of being wireless.  This feature has uncoupled me from respecting the length of whatever wires were chaining me to my office phone; now I get to roam freely, limited only by the 120M range of the wireless device.

After a few more weeks of testing, maybe I will now at least "like" headsets :)

Jabra Corporation GN9330E Wireless Headset with GN1000 RHL 9326-518-205

Jabra Corporation

GN9330E Wireless Headset with GN1000 RHL
Provides high performance for traditional telephone environments. It provides all the benefits of hands-free mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic and future-proof design.
PC Mall Part #: 7513670       Mfr. Part #: 9326-518-205

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