Friday, October 8, 2010

IT Info Guy Buying Group

Join the buying group.  I have negotiated pricing that is better than what you see on the PC Mall web site for my members...I'll post a few examples in future posts.

1.      From your Internet Browser, go to the following link:
2.      This will bring up the PC Mall Corporate Access Pages Login Page
3.      In the User Name field, please enter gaj and in the Password field, enter employee
4.      Please DO NOT check / click on the Remember Me box at this stage
5.      You should now see a page, which has “Create Your EPP Account for GAJ Ventures”. Below is the form that you need to complete to create your EPP Account.
6.      Complete the form, remembering to give yourself a User Name and Password that you will be able to remember in the future. Note that fields labeled with red characters are required.
7.      Please remember to check the box after the User Name and Password fields to confirm that you have read and understood PC Mall’s Privacy and Return Policy. You won’t be able to move past this page unless the box is checked.
8.      Once you have completed all of the details, press the SUBMIT button.
9.      You have now fully registered into the program.
10.   On your future visits to this site, please remember to use your new Login Name and Password.

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