Friday, September 24, 2010

Data Center Hosting Co/Lo

OK, so it was an exciting week at PC Mall for me.  I love these new services we offer, they almost round out our product offerings perfectly.  All week long I have been having conversations about our remote and onsite network management capabilities, our data center hosting, penetration testing, and disaster recovery solutions.

I still fit the usual chatter about desktops, laptops, printers, rackmount servers, blade servers, NAS and SAN storage solutions into the week, but the new titles definitely caught my attention.

The one piece still not 100% there is a co/lo facility.  A lot of my customers are now looking towards a colocation facility to meet their DR needs.  They need a secure trusted site, run by people of the highest integrity to locate their second set of servers and storage for disaster recovery purposes.    Until we offer a true co-location option, I am going to recommend Liquid Web with secure facilities as an ideal company to host their equipment.

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