Monday, November 2, 2009

Windows 7 Reasons

"Why should a customer care?

· Access information from almost anywhere with DirectAccess, which allows access to your company’s corporate network and intranet sites without using virtual private network (VPN) software

· Speed up access to information with BranchCache, which helps you access remote data faster and easier than ever

· Improve PC stability with AppLocker, which allows IT departments to specify which applications (and versions) are allowed to be installed

· Help protect users, infrastructure, and data with BitLocker™ To Go, which allows IT departments to automatically encrypt any USB drive attached to a Windows 7-based machine

· Ease transition to Windows 7 with Windows XP Mode, which allows you to run Windows XP virtually under Windows 7 and minimize your application compatibility concerns

· Help remove barriers to information with Federated Search, which allows you to search and view content from local, network, and Internet repositories – all within a single view"

"Common Objections:



“We’re currently running a few legacy applications that only work on Windows XP.”

“Windows 7 has an option to run some applications in compatibility mode. There’s also Windows XP Mode, a valuable transition tool that lets you run many existing productivity Windows XP applications. Windows XP Mode is easy to find and access from either the Start menu or the Windows 7 taskbar.”

“What versions of Windows can be upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise?”

“From a technical perspective, Windows Vista Enterprise and Windows Vista Business may be upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise. From a license perspective, any PC covered by Software Assurance at the release of Windows 7 can be upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise.”

“Do I have to purchase MDOP to purchase the Enterprise edition?”

“No. Access to MDOP is a benefit of Software Assurance, but it’s not a requirement to take advantage of the Windows 7 Enterprise edition. However, MDOP is an incredible value, and we advise SA customers to subscribe to MDOP as well.”

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